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Brent at Indianapolis KISS Expo May 12-13 2018

Saturday's confirmed guests include Singer, Frehley, Bob Kulick, Creatures of the Night and Lick it Up producer Michael James Jackson, Fitz, Kerns, Lydia Criss, Karl Cochran, Robert Fleischman, Roman Fernandez and Bill Starkey. Sunday's roster includes Frehley, Bruce and Bob Kulick, Fig, Regan, Howarth, Brent Fitz , Todd Kerns, Bobby Rock, and Mark Slaughter.

Two Decades ago…

The mid-‘90s was a world of rapid change in the rock scene. In the aftermath of Nirvana some artists were racing to reinvent themselves while others returned to their roots. When both Motley Crue and Kiss decided on the latter approach, returning to their original lineups, Motley singer John Corabi and Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick...

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