Red Dragon Cartel

Band : Red Dragon Cartel
Title : Red Dragon Cartel
Release Date : January 28, 2014
Label : Frontiers Records

After a self-imposed exile from the music industry and the public eye, noted guitarist Jake E. Lee (Ozzy Osbourne, Badlands) is returning to the fold with a new band, RED DRAGON CARTEL. The band came about when old friend Ronnie Mancuso helped to coax Jake out of retirement. Ronnie, noted session guitarist/bassist, composer and producer for Beggars & Thieves, was sharing a studio space, “The Hideout” in Las Vegas with super hot producer, engineer and mixer Kevin Churko (Ozzy Osbourne, Five Finger Death Punch, Rob Zombie, Hinder, In This Moment). Ronnie and Kevin started talking with Jake, then slowly, Ronnie and Jake along with Kevin’s son Kane (co-writer of Five Finger Death Punch’s “Remember Everything”, In This Moments “Blood” and many others) started writing songs under Kevin’s supervision based on literally hundreds of great riffs Jake had stored up from his years in seclusion.

The new self-titled Red Dragon Cartel debut album was cut at The Hideout and produced by R. Bernard Mann (AKA Ronnie Mancuso and Jake E. Lee) and executive produced, mixed and mastered by Kevin Churko.



1. Deceived
2. Shout It Out*
3. Feeder
4. Fall from the Sky (Seagull)*
5. Wasted*
6. Slave
7. Big Mouth
8. War Machine
9. Redeem Me*
10. Exquisite Tenderness